Staying humble throughout your Journey

Dinuka Jay
3 min readMay 1, 2016


Entrepreneurship is a struggle. It’s the final form of an inventor. It’s the phase during which an inventor becomes the representative of their creations. It’s usually tough and muddy to get to that place. I am writing this blog post as a person who’s going through that struggle and not as a person who’s at the top looking down. I feel you.

This journey is muddy, like I said before. Many people change along the way and they lose track of who they once were and they become this ‘distorted’ version of themselves. I know, I once was that person. Just remember that at the end of every struggle, there’s a massive party. Literally/Non-literally. You celebrate your success at this party and you remember the good times. All your family, friends and the people who helped you, are remembered and cherished at this party. It’s a very important party; it’s a damn good party.

Your clothes and your face is muddy from that race course you just went through. Your face is covered in mud, blood and sweat and your clothes show that you’ve been through hell to become the person you are right now. You don’t want to turn up like that to a party. You want to look your best self for this party, trust me it’s your day. Metaphorically, I just described the mental struggle a person goes through to achieve their dream. Many people change and change is good. We learn new lessons and we learn new skills. But should we really change who we are?

Difference between douchepreneurs and entrepreneurs

I’ve met a lot of people and I’m going to be bold and straight up about it. There are people who let their progress become a fuel for their future success and there are others who let it become a magnet for on-demand respect and bling. Just last year, I realised that I was being cold to some of my closest friends and I was ignoring some of them. Terrible. I was too caught up in this hussle that I forgot to look around at the people who were supporting me in the first place. I snapped out of it and I let go of that nasty wax I was coating myself with and started being 100% with every person I met. The simple outcome was..

I learned how to identify the people I wanted to work with

Who would want to work with people with a pole in their pie? Everybody loves to have a good time while doing what they love doing. I don’t know about you, but I would want to enjoy everything that I love doing and love creating. I would have the best time of my life creating apps, generating ideas and working on crazy ideas with people who are 100% upfront. That’s just me and I fortunately know a few people who reacts the same way. I cherish them. I value them.

The important part about being an entrepreneur is that you respect your progress as much as your respect your success. Stay humble and have a pleasant day :)


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